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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sweet 16th Birthday Cake

Sweet 16th Cake

This cake was made for a 16th birthday party, but this isn't the sort of cake you could make for
anyones 16th as it has it's own personal touches, to make it mean something more for whoevers birthday it is. From the simply shaped and covered cake I added a specific looking iPhone, make-up, art charcoal sticks and a paint palette (all edible). But you could add anything like this just with your fondant and fondant tools and things needed for decorating and modeling with fondant. You can be creative in your own way. I found the shape of the cake particularly challenging with ganaching and covering with fondant as i have carved the sides coming in on an angle making it difficult to make it neat as possible. I tried to make the angle and amount of cake i was carving off as equal as possible around the cake.

My Goal:

I still am trying to perfect and level my ganaching more and more every time to make my fondant as smooth and tidy as possible. I will just need more and more practice. I find the smaller the cake the easier.


White chocolate mud cake (planet cakes recipe)

Milk chocolate ganache - Made of 900g of milk chocolate 

(could mix with a percentage of dark chocolate depends on the strong flavour) and 450mL of pouring cream at boiling point mixed and set to consistency for spreading and covering 

Syrup - 1/3 Apricot Jam mixed with 100mL boiling water. To spread on cakes before ganaching and spread with a pastry brush after ganache has hardened on your cake for your fondant covering to stick. Also used to stick on decorations     

Fondant - modelling and covering cakes. For best results for modeling knead fondant in a small portion of tylose powder, this makes it easier to model with and your models and figures will dry a lot harder than normal fondant, this is also called modeling paste

Wilton gel colours- colour fondant for modeling, use skewers to add the colour to fondant little bit by little bit to get the right shade.

Pre-coloured fondant - To get big portions of vibrant colours that are not worth colouring yourself (for this cake, pre-coloured fondant was pink, red and black)

skewers or dowels - to keep levels of cake in place

edible dust - I used red dust for this cake in the little make-up single eye shadow, it was additional to the red make-up to make it more realistic. Also black dust around the sticks of charcoal, to give the additional detail for the charcoal smudges and dust looking effect.

glucose syrup (store bought) - I spread a thin layer of it with a paint brush (clean one only use for fondant, do not use one that has had paint on!!!) on the fondant models of the iPhone front screen, black on make-up models, blobs of paint on palette to give it a real shine, gloss and more detail. This is very sticky, but it hardens. Apply about a day or two to your dry figures before decorating your cake.

tools - non stick rolling pin, cake smoother, knife (for carving and shaping), paint brush, board (dusted with cornflour), circle cutters.

Edible Glitter - Finish Touch

Board - Presentation board covered in fondant

Pink Ribbon - for the soft, pink look and presentation

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1 comment:

  1. That is one of the most creative cakes I've seen JJ
    All the decorations that are particular to the person it's for... I hope they loved it
    You're a pastry chef in the making! Well done :-)