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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Minnie Mouse cake

Minnie Mouse Cake

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As well as all the beautiful colours and decorating on the outside, the inside was amazing I used  Sweetapolita Cake Recipes.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream
White Chocolate Ganache 

White + Red Fondant = pink fondant
White Fondant
Black Fondant
Cake board

The first thing to do is make the decorations that you have to be pre-make, for this cake it is the pink bow. This took me about 20 minutes to make.
1.Get your pink fondant that you have lightly needed some tylose powder into it and place it on a lightly floured, clean surface using cornflour. Roll it out very thin and cut out two large equal rectangles (roll up excess and wrap in plastic sheet so it doesn't dry out). With your two rectangles lightly brush the smaller sides with a little water. 
2. Pinch pleats on both short sides of the rectangle simultaneously 
3. place a small bunch of cotton balls in the centre of each rectangle
4. Fold one side over to bring both pleated sides together and gently press ends together 
5. Push in one loop on both rectangles so they can sit flat. The joins of the half bows should be facing each other (cut the joins down if they are too long)
6. With excess fondant roll out and cut a small long rectangle and wrap around the centre of the two halves, use a little water to help stick.

This cake was the basic covering of a cake with fondant. I use 'The Mat' now to cover my cakes, I love it! (click this link for more info on 'The Mat' ).
So I have now iced my cake as smooth as possible with my ganache scraper and covered it in fondant using 'The Mat', a rolling pin and a fondant smoother.
-I then have to put dowels in the bottom tier to support it so the top tier will not squash the bottom tier and use a bit of ganache to stick the two together.

Now to decorate roll the opposite colour fondant to the cake, in a long roll (use your fondant smoother instead of your hands to get a smooth roll) and wrap it around the base of it.
-Cut out white circles and place them on the bottom pink tier using water and a paintbrush (do not use a brush that was used for anything other than edible cake decorating etc. painting)
-Now cut out a 3 and glue that on with water.
-Then I cut out 4 pink circles that have a wavy, zig zaggy edge to it and paste one on the back and front and the other 2 on the 2 sides.
-Next, get your black fondant and cut out a circle that fits inside the pink one and two extra smaller circles for Minnie mouse's ears. and glue them on.

Tylose Powder - When it is kneaded into your fondant it them makes it a more pliable modeling paste and dries harder.

- I hope you liked this post 

If you have any questions on this cake, feel free to comment below -

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