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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fairytale Waterfall cake

Welcoming Enchanted Fairy Tale Waterfall Cake

This is the best cake I have done. I have worked on my master piece over these holidays, preparing the flower people, flowers, toadstools, Lily's, Lily pads, ducks. Designing and gathering all ingredients. It is my own original design, I did gather ideas and it came together just how I wanted. I love how it feels magical and the edible glitter gave a perfect touch. I Hope you all like it as well.

It all included: 

Chocolate Cake ( bottom tier two 26cm, top mini tier two 12cm) ,  

Dark chocolate Ganache - Made of 900g of dark chocolate and  450mL of pouring cream at boiling point mixed and set to consistency for spreading and covering


Wilton gel colours- colour fondant for modeling

Pre-coloured fondant - To get big portions of vibrant colours that are not worth colouring yourself. 

 Syrup- 1/3 Apricot Jam mixed with 100mL boiling water. To spread on cakes before ganaching and spread with a pastry brush after ganache has hardened on your cake for your fondant covering to stick. Also used to stick on decorations

Clear piping gel- Bought in a cake supply store. Used for waterfall and to stick decorations on
 Edible Glitter - Finish Touch

Board - Presentation board covered in fondant


  1. I was just looking at it again JJ
    Incredible detail!!
    Easy to look at a picture of something marvelous and just think "cute"...
    but wow... the intricate detail is truly brilliant...
    It's great watching your creations develop as your skills improve with time
    Keep on going I say :-)
    Well done

  2. Please can you tell me how long piping gel lasts on a Christmas Cake? Thank you