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Friday, September 27, 2013

Simple Surprise Cake

 Simple Surprise Cake!!

This was only a very simple cake that didn't need much planning and was excellent for a quick surprise cake but you still need spare time. Choose what ever flavour cake you want, whatever suits you, I had chosen a simple butter cake from scratch but not only just for the taste but so i can also create these beautiful colours inside and it is still a surprise even when you cut the cake open. I find if you only make a simple, plain decorated cake (but it still looks fantastic and delicious in a different way) on the outside, I find I want to make the inside even better.
To create the colour effect going up from light to dark in a shades of blue, after making your butter cake, Madeira, vanilla cake or white mud cake (white, plain based cake) batter, if having 4 layers like me divide the batter into 4 bowls equal as possible. Add your colouring carefully to each bowl and create different shades by adding more or less than the other. Look at the bowls of batter from darkest to lightest and touch it up if needed.
Personal Touch: Even though it is very simple I still made a touch to mean something. If you are a fan of the Friends show having your name written like looks awesome, but this is only for those friends fans.


Butter Cake (homemade)

Syrup (homemade) - 1/3 Apricot Jam mixed with 100mL boiling water. To spread on cakes before ganaching and spread with a pastry brush after ganache has hardened on your cake for your fondant covering to stick. Also used to stick on decorations

Fluffy Frosting (homemade) - spread in between layers, stick cake on board and spread on outside with a spoon. This icing is best to be spread on the day the cake will be eaten

Fondant - model the 16 (add toothpicks to the bottom of these to stick them in), white name slab

Rainbow pearls and Silver Cachous

skewers or dowels - to hold layers together

edible writing pens - write on fondant and comes in many different colours




edible glitter - finish touch (optional)

1 comment:

  1. I'd love your recipe for Butter Cake and the Fluffy Frosting JJ
    How long did it take to place all those cashous??
    Looks great