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Sunday, January 5, 2014

M*A*S*H 4077 Cake

M*A*S*H Cake

 If your a fan of the M*A*S*H series you will love this cake and it is so simple.

You need:

Square cake

Pre-coloured green and black fondant (to make up an army green colour and for black letters)
White fondant (included to provide an army green colour & red cross)
Yellow fondant ( for M*A*S*H 4077 )
Pre-coloured red fondant for cross
                                   You also need:

                                   Ganache scraper or spreading spatula 

                                    Letter cut outs ( for chosen name )
                                    circle cutter
                                    Small knife
                                    non stick rolling pin
                                    rolling pin
                                    fondant smoother

                                    Long wooden skewer

                                    Drawing or print out of M*A*S*H direction poll, cut out
                                    You need to:

1. Cut the bump of the top of your cake as you like. To create a flat surface

2. Spread a small amount of ganache evenly on the top and sides of your cake with a ganache scraper or spreading spatula as a crumb coat. Place cake in fridge until ganache is firm. This will lock in those crumbs
3. Take more of your ganache and spread it evenly and as smooth a possible. That is your last layer, place in fridge again.
4. Once ganache is firm and in place, take out of the fridge 
5. Provide a clean and clear bench, knead your army green fondant and place on a the surface that is lightly dusted with cornflour 
6. Roll out the fondant and cut out a rectangle to place over your cake as done so in the pictures, or cover the whole cake.
7. Before hand, you should make the poll with the signs
8. Colour the poll of the cut out brown, on the back of it spread some glue on the poll, place the wooden skewer right in the centre with the point facing down and a over hanging on the bottom ( the part that will stick in the cake ), leave to dry. Gently bend some of the paper signs in different directions.
9. Stick cut outs of your fondant letters on cake with a little water.
 M * A * S * H, 4 0 7 7, white circle, red cross, chosen name. 
10. Put your sign in the cake and stop once it reaches the paper


1 comment:

  1. Out done yourself again JJ
    You even did the sign post!
    Nice work