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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flowers & Pearls Cake

Flowers & Pearls Cake

This cake had delicate twigs wrapped around it and a variety of flowers and colours that tied together beautifully

The Planning
I always sketch out my ideas or gather any similar designs over the internet and books
For the single tiered cake I worked with the layout of the flowers on top, sides and board of the cake, arranging them according to colour, type, size and space

The Cake, the Fondant, the Ganache

- Chocolate Mud Cake 

- White Chocolate Ganache 

- White Fondant 
Coloring: Pink, Purple, Brown, Green

I chose white chocolate ganache as I always do when I cover my cakes with white fondant, so it makes it easier if there were any problems to fix as light ganache would not be as visible when working with white fondant  

When making the flowers I combined the fondant with a little bit of tylose powder prior to moulding, to make gumpaste. I also mix the powder with water and used this to stick the decorations onto the cake.

I used edible yellow powder to add a bit more detail for large purple flower. The large purple leaves had a wire through the middle to support them. For the writing, I didn't have small enough letter cutters so I piped the letters onto a baking sheet with melted white chocolate and let them set before I put them onto the front of the cake.

Thank you :) and I hope you enjoyed this post, JJ

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